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Greta Thunberg leads climate change protests in Italy

Hundreds of young people, led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, march in the Italian city of Milan. All to demand rapid action on climate change this week ahead of the crucial UN climate conference COP26 in Glasgow. Swedish activist and climate advocate Greta Thunberg walked in Milan in need of swift action on climate change. This ahead of the crucial COP26 UN Climate Conference this week in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 18-year-old climate activist who is considered a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner visited the Italian city of Milan as part of an official UN summit on the youth version of the crucial UN climate conference COP26. It is expected to be attended by around 400 people. The Swedish activist and her march in Milan were part of an official United Nations gathering for the meeting, which was due to take place on October 8.

Thunberg and Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate Porn were in Milan as part of the UN Youth Version of the crucial COP26 Environmental Summit in Glasgow. To which around 400 young people were invited. The activists’ proposals will come under scrutiny at a meeting of climate change and energy ministers at COP26. This will take place just days before the climate summit.

They want to be heard

Greta Thunberg and other youth activists struck a skeptical tone this week ahead of the climate talks in Italy. They said that three decades after a landmark summit on earth there are too many promises. The reality is that too little has been done to combat global warming. Youth activists, whose fight against climate change is high on the global agenda this year after leaders pledged to address environmental issues and challenges at the Rio Summit in Brazil in 1992. This will help find solutions at COP26 in November at the UN Summit.

The 18-year-old climate activist is due to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on October 8 at Milan as part of the official UN rally for the COP26 youth edition in Milan. Thunberg addressed the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2018 alongside student strikes taking place around the world this week. After being invited by the world to express their views at the crucial COP26 climate summit in October, youth activists in Milan felt they were not being heard.

Everything began in May 2018 at the start of the school strike. Thunberg was one of the winners of an essay competition organized by the Swedish newspaper Svenska xvideos Dagbladet for young people. Four hundred youth activists from more than 9,000 applicants were chosen by the United Nations to take part in the event in Milan. The event was intended to provide a platform for young people to express their views on the climate crisis and the inaction of policymakers in dealing with it. On September 23, Thunberg attended the UN Climate Summit in New York City.

Thunberg leads climate protests in Italy ahead of COP26 | Climate Change  News | Al Jazeera

Advocating for a clean future

Thunberg participated in climate protests in Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver in Canada, including a global climate action rally on September 27 in Montreal. In August 2018, Greta Tim, Eleonora Ernman and Thunberg spent their school days in front of the Swedish parliament. This is where they held signs like Skolstrejkklimatet (School Strike for Climate) calling for decisive action against climate change. Thunberg points out that climate change has a disproportionate impact on young people and that it will affect the future.

Her speech became an outcry from climate activists on social media. The march came as ministers from several dozen countries met for meetings to prepare for the COP26 Summit in Scotland. Protesters in Milan said they wanted to see change before COP26 begins in Glasgow, Scotland, on October 31.

The meeting comes as soaring energy prices on world markets have stoked fears of a public backlash against climate change reform. Thunberg, who took the microphone at the end of the march, repeated her criticism of leaders who, she said, “talk about action.”. Since her speech, ‘blah blah blah blah blah’ has become on social media a rallying cry for climate justice activists.

The British president at COP26 said the presence of youth delegates and activists would boost the process. Delegates will have the opportunity to exchange views with government officials in Milan. But the pandemic has reduced the number of young people attending climate events.

Climate change effects on Italy

On Monday, a series of storms struck north-west Italy and brought in over 742 mm of rainfall. This is the most ever recorded in Europe, the country was hit with rain in just over 12 hours. The storms in northern Italy slowed traffic to avoid an unprecedented rainfall across Europe.

A series of storms hit the Italian province of Genoa. Known for its natural beauty and rugged beaches. Between Sunday and Monday, bringing over 925 mm of rain to the city of Rossiglione, 100 km southwest of Milan.

According to former climate scientist and expert Maximiliano Herrera, the storm fell by 750 mm in just 12 hours. Thus setting a new record for Europe’s highest 12-hour rainfall. Dozens had to be rescued and reports of mudslides and flooding clouded the picture. This was before the main bridge collapsed in the city of Quiliano near Milan, reported Corriere della Sera. The humid climate is not unusual in this part of Italy. As the region averages in every 12 months 1,200 mm of rainfall. But on Monday a series of thunderstorms stopped in the region. The day brought 925 mm of rain to the city of Rossiglione xhamster, about 100 km southwest of Milan.

A few miles east were breathtaking rains flooding the nearby town of Vicomorasso. Mmore than 180 mm falling in just over an hour according to Floodlist, an organization documenting severe flooding around the world. A few miles east, another deluge of rain flooded the nearby town of Vico. This town saw 180 mm of rain in an hour. Completing flood lists for some of the most important flooding events around the globe.

Europe faces climate change consequences

Deadly flooding made headlines this summer around the world. This includes deadly floods throughout Western Europe. All in July after a few months of rain fell in a matter of hours and took roads to torrential rain in Belgium and Germany. This summer also made headlines around the world. Together with deadly flooding in July in Western Europe after a couple of months of rain fell in a matter of days. In May of this year, heavy rains and floods hit Bosnia and Serbia. Resulting in the killing of 33 people. It also forced thousands of households to be cut off from electricity after several months of rain in a few days.

A day before the floods swept through Western Germany, the European Weather Agency issued an extreme flood warning. Detailed models showed the storm was threatening to swell rivers to levels not seen in 500 to 1,000 years, according to German meteorologists. The European Meteorological Agency issued a warning after indicating the storm could push the Rhine banks back to the levels. All predicted by the German meteorologist on Friday.

By comparison, the remnants of Hurricane Ida flooded Central Park with 31.5 inches in early September. A record that fell in just one hour, surpassing the previous record of 1 hour set. This was 11 days earlier by Tropical Storm Henri, which drenched the region. Just over a week ago, the remnant of Hurricane Irma brought torrents of rainfall to the Northeast. This set daily records in New Jersey and New England. A week later, another remnant of the same storm brought another deluge of rain to the region, setting daily and historic records in the same states.

China floods: 12 dead in Zhengzhou train and thousands evacuated in Henan -  BBC News

Worldwide concern for climate change

In August, Tennessee broke its previous national record of 17 inches of rain. Which fell on the town of McEwen within 24 hours. By comparison, 92.5 mm of rain is the average rainfall expected in Seattle this year. By comparison, Seattle is expected to receive the most rainfall every 12 months. And 300 mm of precipitation correspond to more than 3 years of precipitation in 24 hours.

Heavy rains caused floods in central China in July, killing more than 300 people. Deadly flash floods make headlines around the world during summer. The deadliest flooding in Western Europe in July occurred a few months ago. This was the value of an hour’s rain turned the streets of major cities in Belgium and Germany into torrential floods. Heavy rains have caused floods in central China this July, killing more than 300 people.

The storm flooded the parched city of Al Khaburah. With 300 mm of rainfall in just a few hours. This equates to more than 3 years of rainfall in Oman in 24 hours. In Oman, rare tropical cyclones bring years of rain and cause deadly flooding in the desert landscapes that receive so much rain each year. Oman’s unusual tropical cyclone has caused years of expensive rains. There is even deadly flooding in desert scenery that usually sees a lot of rain in an entire year. Italy’s Genoa province, characterized by its sheer grandeur and rugged coastline, has become the epicenter of recent excessive rainfall.