SPECIAL COP20 – The role of young generations in addressing climate change discussed in Lima

“Youth as Agents of Change” was the motto of the “Youth and future generation Day”, launched on Day 4 (Thursday, Dec. 4) at COP20/CMP10 in Lima. Jointly organized by YOUNGO, the Constituency of Youth Non-Governmental Organizations to the UNFCCC, the UNFCCC Secretariat and the COP 20/CMP 10 Presidency’s Stakeholder Engagement Team, the day featured a series of side and special events looking at climate change issues from a youth perspective.

Among them, the Intergenerational Inquiry event provided young delegates with the opportunity to interact with high-level representatives of the Parties on the role and importance of the youth within the UNFCCC process. The Chair of the G77 + China Group, Rene Orellana, stressed the need to listen to and learn from young people and called for their support in placing hope and not interests at the heart of the climate negotiations. “We cannot put life on sale and life is the final goal that brings us here. Help us fostering our spirits in this important moment”, said Orellana addressing the young audience.

During the event, young leaders shared their experiences and initiatives, as well reflected on the challenges posed to the Youth Constituency, in terms of resources, governance, outreach and inclusion of other youth organizations. The day was also marked by non-official initiatives, like a flash- mob organized by the young Latin-Americans to protest against environmental contamination.

(Image: Intergenerational Inquiry Event in Lima, Peru on Dec. 4, 2014. Photo credit: Elisa Calliari)


Written by Elisa Calliari in Lima, Peru. In collaboration with Agenzia di Stampa Giovanile sulla Cooperazione allo Sviluppo, Sostenibilità Ambientale e Cambiamenti Climatici (Youth Press Agency on Climate Change, Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development).