US government releases landmark climate impact assessment

The US federal government on Tuesday (May, 6) released the third National Climate Assessment, an updated report on how climate change is impacting the country.
According to the report, “since the second National Climate Assessment was published in 2009, the climate has continued to change, with resulting effects on the United States. The trends described in the 2009 report have continued”.
The report describes observed and expected impacts at regional scale, including heat waves, droughts, rising sea levels and an increase in heavy precipitation events. It divides the United States into eight regions, looking at impacts in each area, i.e. US average surface temperature has increased by 1.3-1.9°F (approximately 0.8°C) since 1895, with over 80 percent of the increase occurring  since about 1970, but the Southwest, Upper Midwest, Northeast, and Alaska regions have warmed more than average.
The report’s release come under a broader climate initiative by the Obama administration launched in June 2013, and it is aimed at increasing awareness of “the need for urgent action to combat the threats from climate change” among US citizens.