Local, regional governments sign ambitious climate deal

On Tuesday (May 19) a group of infra-national leaders representing twelve authorities from seven countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding tackling climate change in the lead-up to the Paris COP21 in December. By signing the deal, referred to as “Under 2 MOU”, leaders committed to curb ambitiously GHG emissions, pledging to perform a 80 to 95 percent decrease of total emissions from 1990 volumes or to achieve a level of per-capita emissions below two tons by 2050.

States and regions signing the agreement include the US States of California, Oregon, Vermont and Washington; the Country of Wales in the UK; the Canada Provinces of British Columbia and Ontario; the Provinces of Baja California and Jalisco in Mexico; the German State of Baden-Württemberg; the Autonomous Community of Catalonia in Spain; the Brazilian State of Acre.

Besides the 2050 commitment, the agreement covers a variety of actions to tackle climate change, ranging from the definition of mid-term targets for emission reduction to adaptation and resilience measures.

Signatories represent over 100 million people from seven major economies, with an aggregated GDP of more than $ 4.5 trillion. Other governments have applauded the deal, and expressed their interest in signing onto it in the near future, Environment News Service reports.

(Image: Governor Brown talks amidst signatories of Under 2 MOU in Sacramento (CA), United States, May 19, 2015. Photo credit: Governor Brown Press Office)