Mayors from around the world team up to act on climate change

The new integrated Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy was officially launched yesterday (Oct. 15) at the European Parliament in Brussels, with hundreds of cities representatives in attendance. Bringing together the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors and Mayors Adapt initiatives, the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy will focus on three pillars: the 2030 horizon, the integration of mitigation and adaptation, and the international dimension.

The new Covenant was created as a follow-up to a recent consultation conducted by the Covenant of Mayors Office and the European Committee of the Regions, where 97% of cities surveyed called for a new target beyond 2020, and a majority supported the integration of mitigation and adaptation goals. Following this process, signatory cities now are invited to pledge support to the new EU 2030 target of at least 40% CO2 emissions reductions by 2030, a joint approach to addressing mitigation and adaptation, and the global extension of the initiative.

Based on the success of the Covenant of Mayors bottom-up approach in Europe, where over 6,500 local leaders have committed to voluntarily support the implementation of EU targets since 2009, the decision has been made to open up participation to local authorities worldwide. According to Committee of the Regions President Markku Markkula, “Opening up the model worldwide offers an opportunity to allow cities and regions across the globe to collaborate, share ambition and set the future agenda on climate change.”

Furthermore in the context of the global dimension, and in lead up to COP21 in Paris, the Covenant of Mayors has become an official data provider to the NAZCA platform utilized by the UNFCCC to showcase the mitigation commitments of non-state actors.


(Image: Ceremony launching the New Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy on October 15, 2015 . Photo credit: Covenant of Mayors Twitter account.)