Italy includes climate and green growth in priorities of its EU presidency

Italy on Tuesday (July, 1) took over from Greece the presidency of the EU Council, rotating among EU member states every six months.

In the document named “Europe, a fresh start”, Italy’s government presented policies and issues it intends to pursue till January 2015, when the EU presidency will pass to Latvia, and detailed the 18-moths working plan shared with upcoming precidencies (Latvia and Luxembourg).

The main challenges in Europe called to answer to “a widespread and still un-answered demand for change”, as shown by recent elections,  remain the needs for “recovering from the economic and financial crisis, delivering more jobs, strengthening the fundamental rights and helping Europeans keep pace with a fast changing world”, the document said.

Among several other objectives, the Italian presidency aims at boosting progress in resources efficiency areas,  involving the Council “in supporting and facilitating the early development of the 2030 framework for the EU’s climate change and energy policy”, promoting a debate on green growth and job creation “through the organisation of an Informal Joint Council meeting of Environment and Employment ministers”, taking the opportunity provided by the Climate Summit convened in September by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “to generate further high-level momentum towards a possible global climate agreement in 2015”.

According to the document, the presidency “will make every effort to complete the process of ratifying the Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol”.