Group of Italian experts put forth three proposals for Paris climate talks

(Image: Conference "COP 21 Paris: three innovative proposals from Italy", Rome, Italy. Photo credit: Gabriel Stabinger/Fondazione CFS on Flickr)

A group of Italian leading experts published a document with three proposals for addressing climate change at the global scale. The text, drafted by a number of specialists focusing on the economic, legal and scientific aspects of climate change, provides suggestions for actions to be taken in view of the upcoming international climate talks. Proposals include hastening the removal of fluorine compounds from the atmosphere, tackling more decisively the issues related to agriculture, reforestation, land and food, making the agreement more timely and effective on a juridical level.

The initiative is meant to spur high-level public debate in preparation to the UNFCCC Climate Summit that will be hosted in Paris in December 2015, where countries are expected to agree on a global deal to curb harmful emissions in order to limit climate change within the 2°C target.

The first suggestion highlights the presence of Fluorine compounds in the atmosphere. Although these compounds should be in the process of being removed in accordance with the Montreal Protocol, they contribute about 18 percent of the greenhouse effect compared to CO2. Hastening their removal would provide significant benefits for curbing climate change, argues the publication.

Strengthening the efforts in relation to forest, agriculture, land use and food issues is another key action identified. Green infrastructure development, food waste reduction and introduction of land-based accounting are the measures the experts endorse.

The third recommendation stresses the importance of having a timely and effective agreement on a legal level to bolster credibility of the negotiations for the public opinion. With this regard, the document asks to specify short- and long-term goals, to ensure their periodic review and to define precise carbon accounting rules.

The proposals were presented at the conference “Paris Climate 2015: Three innovative proposals from Italy” that was held in Rome on April 23, 2015. The conference, promoted by the Centre for a Sustainable Future, was organized to gather and discuss innovative ideas and to provide a valuable contribution to Paris COP21.

“We have challenges, but we also have the means to face them. Now we need to transform political commitment into action and results” said José Graziano de Silva, FAO Director-General, in his conference speech.

(Image: Conference “Paris Climate 2015: Three innovative proposals from Italy”, April 23, 2015, Rome, Italy. Photo credit: Gabriel Stabinger/Fondazione CFS on Flickr)