FOCUS AFRICA – Coping with climate change in a key vulnerable continent

Focus Africa is a series of country-specific articles produced by Climate Policy Observer on the current and planned climate policies of over fifteen African states.

Outstanding polluters and climate influencers, such as Nigeria and Egypt, have been analyzed as long as green, promising small nations – some of which presented very ambitious pledges on the road to the 2015 Paris COP21. A great degree of complexity clearly emerges by comparing, for instance, the promising Kenyan solar market with oil-tied rentier nations as Algeria, or the low degree of electrification and electricity production of the smaller states with South Africa’s coal-reliant energy economy.

Starting from the Kingdom of Morocco, which hosted the 2016 COP22, the series also highlights some major social and economic data about each country. Data and informations were taken from official statistical sources, scientific research and, not least, international press and grass-root multimedia. Given its exposure to climate change related effects and the necessary actions to be taken in terms of both mitigation and adaptation, Africa’s involvement will be crucial for the success of Paris’ new climate regime and for stimulating international cooperation and support.

Explore the map of climate pledges of African countries, according to UNFCCC official INDCs (for best visualization open the map in full screen).

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(Image: Transport for Dakar. Photo credit: Jeff Attaway/Flickr)