EU takes first step towards HFC phase-down

The European Commission on Wednesday (May, 21) published a formal notice in the Official Journal for companies wishing to produce, import or place hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) on the EU market in 2015.

The move ensued from the regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases issued by the EU Parliament and the EU Council in mi-April that foresees a phase-down of HFCs by one-third of today’s levels by 2030.

Under the new regulation, from 1 January 2015 a quota is required for producers and importers placing at least 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of HFCs on the market in a calendar year. Companies must register to the electronic HFC Registry and submit their application for 2015 by 1 July 2014.

The quota allocation process distinguish between two types of companies: “incumbents”, which have reported production or imports in the period 2009-2012 and will be allocated a quota on the basis of a reference value based on their historic data, and “new entrants”, which intend to manage at least 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of HFCs  in 2015 but did not reported prior HFCs placing. In those cases, quotas will be allocated on the basis of declared needs.