EU announces final ICE tables ahead of ETS compliance deadline

The EU Commission on Wednesday (April, 23) approved the final batch of international credit entitlement (ICE) tables, allowing participants in the EU ETS to use cheaper UN-backed offsets (CERs, Certified Emissions Reductions, generated under the Clean Development Mechanism, and ERUs, Emissions Reduction Units, generated under the Joint Implementation framework) to meet their emissions targets ahead of April 30 compliance deadline.
According to the Commission’s official release, ICE tables have been approved for all EU Member States and the EEA-EFTA countries.The approved tables will be uploaded to the bloc’s emissions trading registry, after which account holders will be able to swap eligible U.N. carbon offsets for EUAs.
The use of international credits in the EU ETS is regulated under EU Commission’s regulation approved in November 2013. According to it, the amount of CERs and ERUs member states are allowed to surrender in the period 2008-2020 to comply with their obligations depends on the amount granted in the period 2008-2012.