Danish Minister wants to accelerate coal phase out

One day ahead the IPCC concluded its meeting in Copenhagen, the Danish Climate, Energy and Building Minister, Rasmus Petersen, announced he will work to accelerate coal phasing out and make his nation a leader in fighting climate changes, Reuters reported.

In 2012, Danish government established that coal must be phased out by 2030, when electricity and heating supply will be completely generated from renewable sources. These are intermediate steps towards the 2050 energy goal, which foresees the entire energy supply – electricity, heating, industry and transport – to be covered by renewable energy.

With the aim to unveil a formal plan, Petersen, asked to his ministry’s staff to further investigate how the coal ban can be implemented by 2025 rather than by 2030. According to Reuters, the Minister said that “The cost (of accelerating coal phasing out) would not be significant”. On the contrary, the Danish Energy Association’s deputy head, which represents national energy firms, commented that a faster phase-out of coal would bring risks that wind turbines could not meet demand on calm days.

By 2020 the Danish domestic target is to reduce country’s emissions by 40% compared with the 1990 level. However, coal currently generates about one third of Denmark electricity.

(Image: Avedøre Power Station , Denmark. Photo credit: Wikipedia)