Amid disputes UN climate talks in Bonn set deadlines for future climate deal

Global government leaders agreed to start working on the text of the new climate deal expected for 2015. The decision resulted from week-long UN climate talks ended on Friday (March, 14) in Bonn, Germany.

According to official release, the meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (tasked with speeding up progress towards signing a 2015 deal) “marked the start of an intense year with a calendar of meetings”, and it provided for countries having a draft text on the table at the COP20, which will be held in Lima, Peru, in December. The next Bonn session should produce a document of 15 pages outlining elements of an eventual deal, according to delegates reported by Bloomberg.

In conjunction with ADP talks in Bonn the technical expert meetings’ process (where countries outlined projects, policies and initiatives supporting their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the period up to 2020)  was launch with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency. During the second ADP meeting scheduled in June, the process will focus on the potential of cities, urban environment and land-use change, including forests and agriculture.

Despite progress, countries are far from reaching a shared view of principles on which to base the 2015 climate agreement, according to observers attending the Bonn talks. Reuters reported the G77 & China said the new agreement must reflect the current framework, which treat developing and developed countries as different groups with different rules. Industrialized countries such as the United States, Japan and Australia called for dismissing the “binary” approach in the future agreement. Developing countries also asked for nationally-determined contributions (that are meant to be the ground floor of the new climate deal) to include not only about mitigation commitments, but also intended adaptation and financial support.

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