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Information on climate policy developments both at national and global level are often presented in a disaggregated way.

Climate Policy Observer aims at providing an all-in-one tool to keep up with current climate and energy policies, with easy access to institutional and media sources.



Climate Policy Observer provides:

News: timely news on climate and energy policies development from media and institutional sources. We provide also a weekly bulletin covering European and international carbon markets.

Country Profiles: each country profile features data on emissions trends, fossil and renewable energy sources production and supply (TPES). Up-to-date data are obtained from CAIT (World Resource Institute) and OECD/IEA databases. Countries’ description outlines essential features of climate and energy policies nationwide, and their positions and commitments in the international climate arena, with quick access to official documents (when available).

Reports & Publications: an online-library that collects selected publications covering the full range of climate issues: emissions & mitigation, impacts and adaptation, negotiations and policies, energy, economy and carbon pricing, society and media.

Recap column: the “Open-and-shut” section is designed to give fundamental, clear information and quick references about mechanisms and institutions specific to climate policy.

Climate Agenda: an essential tool to follow important dates of climate policy worldwide throughout the year.

Climate-Counter Tool: (as changes in the climate system occur at different scale ) we choose to show three out of the several indicators relative to changes in the climate system: cumulative carbon emissions, CO2 concentrations, and temperature increase. Values are update regularly from Scripps and NOAA monitoring at the Mauna Loa Observatory, Global Carbon Project and IPCC reports. They are compared with corresponding thresholds identified by climate science and agreed by UNFCCC as levels that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

Focus on ICCG Hot Topics: societies face cross cutting issues related to climate change, the environment and sustainable development. For this reason ICCG periodically identifies some Hot Topics to focus on. In Climate Policy Observers we highligth news and reports related to them.

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Climate Policy Observer is a website developed and run by ICCG. It gathers research activities of the ICCG’s observatory on climate policies into an easy access and up-to-date, web-based tool.

Formerly launched in 2012 by the name of Climate Policy Watcher, the website was totally renovated in 2014 with new sections and features.